Designing and Engineering of architectural & civil engineering, electrical and mechanical works on a "turnkey" in accordance with the highest demands of the profession.

We also provide integrated and intelligent solutions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings, homes and commercial buildings all of types, ensuring the achievement of energy targets.

We especially presenting;

HVAC installations of all types and sizes.
Design, construction and maintenance of main hot water pipelines, compact heat substation capacity of 15kW-1500kW; Central and Local boiler, primary and secondary natural gas pipelines, air-conditioning for various facilities.

Hydro-technical facilities and installations
Hydrant network, outer and inner plumbing and sewage installations as well as sanitary equipment facilities; Federal and terminal installation of storm sewer in and out of populated areas, as well as for facilities of all types and purposes

Energy Efficiency
Preparation of Energy passports, Development of integrated and intelligent solutions to achieve energy targets in buildings of all types, with the wide application of renewable energy sources

Wellness centers, Pools and Saunas
Design, construction, renovation. Depending on your needs and wishes we are able to perform a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of even the most demanding guests.

Steel construction and steel locksmithery
Design, Fabrication, Transportation and Installation of any type of steel constructions; mounting of universal steel halls and steel structures for industrial buildings, warehouses, sports halls, LPG pump stations ... as well as any other facility or steel elements any types and sizes.

Petro-Mont also produce platforms, bridges for pipelines, carrying machine constructions, transport systems and warehouse systems, any metal components and/or finished products. Welding is performed by certified welders in accordance with the highest professional standards and compliant with ISO 3834-2 standards