About us

Your reliable partner
The core of the work and the existence of Petro-Mont are satisfied clients.

Petro-Mont is a team of skilled and experienced professionals in the field of Building & Construction, Mechanical and Electrical works, ready to provide you full support in achieving aimed goals. We have our own capacities, decades of experience and all necessary operative required for the realization of even the most demanding challenges in the named professions.

In the pursuit of success in achieving the aim of this joint venture, the customer and us, all employees are guided by the vision and mission of the company in line with its core values;

Vision - Mission and Key Values

Petro-Mont is a reference company that provides complete services in the areas of its expertise, recognizable by its core values.

Petro-Mont is fully committed to realization of customer requirements, creating a reliable, long-term partnerships and stable company development.

    Key values;
  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Dedication
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility
  • Positivity and Cooperationž

All employees of Petro-Mont are dedicated to continuous development and acquisition of modern skills & knowledge in order to improve professionalism and ability to apply it in concrete work processes.


Policy of Integrated Management System of "Petro-Mont" is based on the creation and maintenance of high reputation in the business, providing quality, timely and efficient service to all customers in order to fully satisfy their requirements, needs and expectations. "Petro-MONT" IMS was created in accordance with the highest demands of the profession, the legal regulations and fully complies with the requirements of the following ISO standards;

SRPS ISO 9001, SRPS ISO 14001, SRPS OHSAS 18001, SRPS ISO 3834-2

"Petro-Mont" mission is not only striving to meet but to outperform client needs and expectations with continuous investment in employee development; technical - technological equipment and whole processes of work and production; providing a safe and healthy work conditions; with constant care for the work environment in which it operates, creating a long-term reliable partnerships and stable development for the company.

    Postulates of "Petro-Mont" Integrated Management System are;
  • Fully meet customer requirements
  • The constant investment in staff training
  • Continuous development of work processes, products and services
  • Monitoring and implementation of global trends in company development process
  • Fulfillment of obligations towards the state and fully law respect
  • Constant application of processes, practices, techniques, materials, products, services or energy that avoid, reduce or control the creation, emission or discharge of polluting materials or waste, in order to decrease environmental impact
  • Establishing and maintaining a constant application of all procedures related to safety and health at work covered by OHSAS 18001, which is reflected through key elements; care and improvement of safety and protection at work for prevention activity, avoidance and reduction of accidents, and effective response on the occurrence thereof.
  • Establishing an effective communication at all levels in the company and to third parties
  • Raising the awareness of employees about the importance of IMS and its continuous improvement

"Petro-Mont" Integrated System Management represents company development foundation, which management will periodically review the purpose ensuring stability of development.

Privacy and objectives of Integrated Management System in the company are realized by strengthening the awareness of all employees by promoting a positive and responsible attitude towards work process for which they are responsible, and therefore to the whole company and its clients. The company management undertakes to provide all the resources needed to meet the IMS

All "Petro-Mont" staff, led by management, is fully committed to the professional realization of the client's request, as a function of the fulfillment of its demands, thus ensuring long-term stable development of the company.