About us

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Petro-Mont is a team of skilled and experienced professionals in the field of Building & Construction, Mechanical and Electrical works, ready to provide you full support in achieving aimed goals. We have our own capacities, decades of experience and all necessary operative required for the realization of even the most demanding challenges in the named professions.

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Control and Monitoring

Architectural planning and Civil engineering
Mechanical and electrical installations
HVAC installations
Hydro (Water and Sewer)
Steel construction

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Craft works
Heat pipes and water pipes, rain and sewerage system
Gas pipelines, air-conditioning and ventilation
Steel structures, and locksmithing
Isolation with "Lebit" mass

Steel construction
Heat pipes
HVAC elements
Heat Boilers

Excavators, Backhoe, Loader
Truck, Auto cranes
Machines for Cutting and breaking concrete
Borehole machines
Devices for the pipe welding’s and PEHD pipelines

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The main value of our work are satisfied customers, whose needs and expectations, we managed even to exceed by providing quality, timely and efficient services.

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Quality Policy of Integrated Management System is created in accordance with the highest demands of the profession, the legal regulations and fully complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 3834-2 standards.